Hip Hop Jewelry Craze

internet discount storeHip Hop has over the years influenced popular trends, fashion, language and culture in general. Businesses catering to the Hip Hop industry are on the rise. Have you ever noticed the kid in the mall wearing a chain and cross gleaming with what looks like diamond jewelry?

CZ Not Diamonds

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Hip-hop Jewelry and Today’s Stars

internet discount storeWatch any of the major movie, television, and music award shows on television today and one of the first things you’ll notice about the celebrities on the red carpet, aside from their extravagant (and sometimes outlandish) attire, are the amount and size of the jewelry they are wearing. Hip-hop jewelry, more commonly known as bling-bling, is definitely not understated fashion. The bigger and the flashier it is, the better. Preferred by many of today’s celebrities, hip-hop jewelry adorns the fingers, necks, arms, even the teeth of many stars.

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