Liz Claiborne Purses

internet discount storeI am always fascinated at how different each person’s personality is. No matter how similar a back ground people come from they still have their own likes and dislikes as well as their own thoughts and opinions. I am very close to my two sisters. We like to shop together, have drinks, golf and gamble. Whenever we are together we have a lot of laughs.

Our husbands get along well with each other and we have raised our children with similar parenting styles and values. We differ from each other when it comes to fashion. My one sister mainly wears jeans and sweatshirts in the fall and winter and t-shirts and shorts in the summer. My older sister is a nurse so she wears uniforms to work every day.

She buys expensive sports clothes, but not a great deal of them, so she will wear the same few outfits over and over. I like a great deal of variety in my wardrobe. I like both classic fashions as well as having a few trendy pieces. It is interesting when we go shopping together.

internet discount storeOne thing that our mother taught us that we all still agree on is to always look for a bargain. We like shopping clearance sales and also going to the outlet malls. We decided to do a midsummer outing to the outlet mall. We thought we would get in on some good end of the season sales. We each wanted to look for a new purse. We agreed to meet at the Liz Claiborne purses in the outlet store.

I went earlier because I wanted to look through the shirts also. When I walked into the store I walked past the Liz Claiborne handbags. There was one that was extremely cute. I wanted to make sure that I would get this one so I carried it with me to look at the shirts. I shopped until it was time to meet my sisters.

When I got back to the Liz Claiborne purses one of my sisters was there and was looking at the same purse that I was picked up, except in a different color. We laughed that we were both attracted to the same handbag. We were chatting when our other sister arrived. She was carrying the Liz Claiborne purse that we were both holding. She said she found it at a department store on sale and she liked it so much she had to buy it.

internet discount storeHers was a slightly different shade than the one I had picked out. We said that it was too bad that we did not still live together so we could share the purse like we did when we were growing up. The two of us bought the one that was the same as our other sister. Even though our taste in clothes does not match up we do like the same handbags.